Keeping in sync with our philosophy of nurturing the mind, body and soul, we believe a healthy and balanced diet is imperative for young minds to bloom.  We, therefore, have our own kitchen with a thoughtfully planned menu. Our chef, his team and a dedicated quality assurance team continuously monitors the food and ingredients for quality, freshness and hygiene. We ensure that only a nutrient-rich diet with adequate variety is served to the students to keep them excited about their meals.

Breakfast: The day begins with brain food – a balanced combination of fibre, vitamins and minerals in the form of various cereals and muesli together with fresh fruit and dairy products. This is sometimes alternated with traditional south Indian breakfast that is healthy and nutritious.

Lunch: This meal usually consists of vegetable salad together with a side dish containing carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice or pasta.

Evening snack: Designed to be high in carbohydrates, this snack time offers children something sweet such as a marble cake along with a savory snack and a fruit.

We encourage students to become independent and thoughtful about their choices by giving them the freedom to decide how much food they need. At the same time, this approach allows them to try new or unfamiliar foods in small quantities.