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Personalized Learning pedagogies–  Every child learns differently. We employ the “My Way” philosophy to introduce students to different learning pedagogies and then identify his/her learning style to personalize his learning experience going forward.

Holistic  approach – We nurture the mind, body and soul by means of academics, extra-curricular activities and soul nurturing activities like meditaion and yoga to impart education that is wholesome.

Individual Care – We maintain a teacher:student ratio of 1:20 at the pre-primary level and 1:25 at the primary level to ensure that every student is given individual care and attention by the teachers. This number also ensures that there is adequate opportunities for social interactions.  Each group is supervised by a team of teaching staff that is in regular contact with the Head school teachers.

Blended Curriculum- We take the best parts from the IB,  ICSE, CBSE and SSC curricula to develop a curriculum that is relevant in today’s time.

Infrastructure –  With state-of-the-art classrooms, learning labs, recreational zones and sports facilities, pur infrastructure plays a key role in helping us scuccessfully impart quality, holistic education.

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