Our Philosophy

Mount Banyan Global School is a next-generation international school designed to help every child realize their full potential. Our core philosophy rests on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence which suggests that there are indeed eight different kinds of intelligence in children and adults. We believe every child is a unique learner and has a unique intelligence that can be tapped into to bring out the best in them. We, therefore, make learning more impactful and comprehensive by teaching a particular concept using different pedagogies – each nurturing a specific kind of intelligence.  We call this philosophy the “MyWay” philosophy.

Another cornerstone of our philosophy is to nurture the mind by means of academics, to nurture the body by means of sports and extra-curricular activities; and to nurture the soul by means of meditation, yoga and by creating a positive learning atmosphere for students. It is the combination of all these three elements that can help a child develop holistically.


Learning through feelings, values, and attitude: understand other people


Learning through Interactions with others: Working collaboratively and cooperatively.

Bodily / Kinesthetic

Learning through interaction with one’s environment: concrete experiences.


Learning through Classification, categories, and hierarchies: ability to pick up on subtle differences.


Learning visually and organizing Ideas spatially: think in Images and pictures and “see” things in one’s mind


Learning by seeing the “big picture”. Connects real world understandings and application to new learning


Learning through song, patterns, rhythms, instruments, and musical expression


Learning through spoken and written words: reading, listening, speaking and writing


Learning through reasoning and problem-solving: numbers