Curicullam / Pedagogy

We certainly know that the formative years of a child’s life are of utmost importance for development, which is why at MBGkids, we follow  Multiple intelligence integrated with Art Integrated Learning which is child-centric.
our child-centric approach ensures the perfect holistic development at this tender age. We let children be themselves. They are given the freedom to make their own decisions, discover their own areas of interest and dwell smoothly with the learning process which we call this “My Way” Methodology.

At MBGKids, Within these themes, children learn all the major subject areas like Numeracy skills,  Language Skills, Theme & Conceptual Skills, Art and Craft, Speech & Drama, and Second Language (Hindi) in Kindergarten classes. Our kindergarten education aims to promote a love for learning. Children are encouraged to become independent learners with a whole range of skills to ensure that a firm foundation is built for the next stage of learning.

Extracurricular activities include Physical Education (PE), Practical Life Exercises, Music & Movement, and Life skills

The Physical Education teacher plans exercises and different interesting indoor and outdoor games, which help in developing their gross and fine motor skills.

Enrichment classes further reinforce concepts taught in class through various hands-on activities.

Music & Movement lessons help to develop a sense of rhythm and love for these arts.

The child’s innate curiosity is ignited in his/her early years and he/she develops a love for learning which gives him a great head start in our kindergarten.

In an Endeavour to blossom the personalities of the little ones and to give them an opportunity to develop at their own pace & comfort zone, we provide an ideal stimulating environment for the children. The basic ingredients of this Stimulating Environment include:

  1. Opportunities for Stable relationships and interactions with sensitive and responsive adults.
  2. A focus on fun-based activities and routines allows children to take the lead in their own learning.
  3. Support for communication and language development.
  4. Opportunities to be physically active