It is believed that the infrastructure design of the school has a major influence on the students’ attitude, behaviour and learning. The school infrastructure  is designed to inspire curiosity and provides an environment that is calm, engaging and responsive to each child at all stages of his or her development. The building is extremely spacious and colourful, offering an interactive learning environment that would help them to develop a relationship with their most loved preschool. The furniture has been curetted keeping the safety of children in mind. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one.

  • Good Lighting
  • Clean and comfortable air quality
  • Safety and security with CCTV surveillance installed
  • Sound acoustics
  • Simulative environment
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor area
  • Colorful ,well lit , pleasant and air-conditioned classrooms
  • Well hygiene and clean Toilets.

The RIGHT ENVIRONMENT helps in developing the child’s ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, develop confidence and a positive self-esteem. Working on this approach to bring about the holistic development of the child, various development/activity centers have been created.